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      Our legislative agenda is live on the website.

      We’d love your financial support to kickstart this year’s legislative efforts.

      Our promises to our donors:

      • We pledge to make it easy for you to give exclusively to your cause, without worrying that the money will be used for a different issue you may not agree with. To that end, if you give to a specific issue, we pledge to use your dollars only for education, grassroots action, or political lobbying for that issue.
      • We pledge to never use your money in support of or opposition to any political candidate. We do not wish to be involved in campaigns in any way, other than to provide information on our representatives’ response to your issues.
      • We pledge to keep our books as transparent as possible, providing our members with quarterly financial reports and an open book policy through this email list.

      A monthly donation of $5, $10, or $25 would go a long way in helping us make a real impact on the legislature this year. Donate here.

      We are also still looking for people to fill two key positions: VP of Development, VP of Field Operations. If you are interested in stepping up, please shoot a note to info@foralltn.org.

      I look forward to talking to you soon.

      In Liberty,

      Joshua Eakle

      Executive Director