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      Our Mission:

      Mobilize Tennesseans around policy that empowers people and limits government

      Building a better Tennessee, for all

      For All Tennessee is a nonprofit created to mobilize communities around policies that empower people and limit government intervention.

      We are a place people can come together on issues, notwithstanding politics.

      Our organization seeks to democratize the traditional 501(c)4 model by allowing our members, rather than huge donors, to drive our priorities through their votes and their donations.

      We will not support policy that exclusively benefits politicians, political parties, or big money; only promoting policy that directly empowers individuals.



      We will only support law that solves problems and avoid laws that exist to further political agendas.

      Small Donors

      Small recurring donors drive our priorities, ensuring our focus stays true to our mission, not big money.



      We promise to release regular reports on our operations to ensure our donors know what we’re doing. 

      member driven

      We are nothing without the time, money, and effort of our members. Our members set the priorities and bring them across the line.


      our values


      All government funding comes from the taxpayer. The government should spend money responsibly, look for ways to reduce spending, and not burden future generations with long-term debt for short-term gains.


      Regardless of your race, religion, orientation, affiliation, or location, you should have equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



      We're guided by principles, not politics. We only support laws that empower people and limit government. To this end, we only support legislation that addresses real problems, not political agendas. 


      Local governments are more accountable and responsive to their constituents. As such, we'll support reasonable efforts to shift power from the federal and state governemnt to the local counties and municipalities.


      An unaccountable government is a breeding ground for corruption and fraud. We support efforts to ensure the government is held accountable by those it governs.


      Government can’t be improved without first understanding how it operates and what problems we face. We support efforts to increase the public's access to government activities and data.

      the board

      Justin Cornett

      Board Chairman

      Claire Ball

      Board Member

      Disclosures & Reports

      Q2 Financial Report

      Q2 Financial Report

      As you know, we are committed to being transparent in our financial operations for both the public and our members. Nothing says transparency like a clear picture of the financial activity for the quarter. To that end, attached to this email you will find For All TN,...

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      Q1 Financial Report

      Q1 Financial Report

      As you know, we are committed to being transparent in our financial operations for both the public and our members. To that end, with the For All 6-month anniversary approaching quickly, we wanted to kickstart the process of providing financial transparency for...

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