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      Return Tennessee to "Free & Equal" Elections

      Tennessee's State Constitution calls for "Free & Equal" Elections. The current state of the law is neither free, nor equal.

      Today, to run as an alternative party in Tennessee, you have to collect 2.5% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial race. As of 2021, that requirement stands over 56,082 signatures (or closer to 75,000 considering the average signature discard rate of the Tennessee Secretary of State's office, approximately 35%). To run as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, you only have to collect 25 signatures. This clearly stands in opposition to Tennessee's Constitutional mandate of "Free & Equal" elections.

      We are urging the State Legislature and the Governor of the State of Tennessee to return "Free & Equal" elections by reducing the disproportionate signature collection requirement placed on alternative parties.

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      106 signatures = 11% of goal

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