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      This Tuesday (March 23rd) at 9AM CST, Rep Lafferty’s reporting bill for civil forfeiture (HB409) is scheduled to be voted on in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee.

      HB409 requires the TN Department of Safety to disclose how many civil forfeiture cases resulted in a criminal charge or conviction. Understanding the scope of how civil forfeiture is used by law enforcement is the first step to real reform.

      Please contact the members of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and urge them to vote YES on HB409 with the information below. ⬇️

      Chair Andrew Farmer: rep.andrew.farmer@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-4419

      Rep. Michael Curcio: rep.michael.curcio@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-3513

      Rep. Johnny Garrett: rep.johnny.garrett@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-3893

      Rep. Bruce Griffey: rep.bruce.griffey@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-6804

      Rep. Brandon Ogles: rep.brandon.ogles@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-6808

      Rep. Antonio Parkinson: rep.antonio.parkinson@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-4575

      Rep. John Ray Clemmons: rep.john.ray.clemmons@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-4410