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      It’s January 19th and we’re days away from the launch. As such, I wanted to give you another brief update on our key focus areas:


      The website is completed, we’ve resolved our barriers with the IRS, and we’re just waiting to hear back from the payment processor with our approved application. Once we receive this, we’ll be making the site public and will start our first big fundraising push.


      We have commitments from lawmakers to file every bill within our legislative agenda. Our initial focus will be on conscientious acquittal, protecting small businesses from shutdowns, civil forfeiture reform, and ballot access reform. A comprehensive legislative agenda including case studies will be made public on the website.


      Our board members are Justin Cornett, Joshua Eakle, and Claire Ball.

      Our advisory committee is currently Cole Ebel, Trisha M. Butler, Heather Scott, and Tom Arnold.

      Our staff includes Claire Ball as VP of Accounting, Brian Lambrecht as VP of PR, Aaron Webb as VP of Legislation, and Alexander Shaw as VP of Marketing

      We are currently looking for people to fill two key positions: VP of Development, VP of Field Operations. If you are interested in stepping up, please shoot a response via email. In the meantime, Justin and I are filling these roles.

      Thank you for all your support thus far. We’ll keep you in the loop once the site is ready to go. Feel free to like our pages and invite your friends in the meantime!


      In Liberty,

      Joshua Eakle

      Executive Director