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      As you know, we are committed to being transparent in our financial operations for both the public and our members. Nothing says transparency like a clear picture of the financial activity for the quarter.

      To that end, attached to this email you will find For All TN, Inc. financial statements for the Apr-Jun 2021 (Q2) fiscal period. To summarize:

      • We raised over $2,300 in donations from 27 donors.
      • 18% of current period donations were from recurring donors who support the For All TN mission.
      • Expenditures totaled just over $3,000 for the period.
      • We ended the second quarter with negative cash flows for the period of ($518), which is to be expected during the legislative off-season, and an ending financial position of $3,134.

      Thank you for your continuing support in the mission of For All Tennessee. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

      Click here to read the complete quarterly statement.

      Claire Ball

      VP of Finance