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      For All is a 501c4 established to mobilize Tennesseans around policy that empowers people and limits government.

      Unlike other organizations in the space, we crowdsource our legislative agenda from our members and advisors within the scope of our mission statement. Big money and special interests have a presence on Capitol Hill lobbying whenever the legislature is in session; it’s time that the people of Tennessee have someone there working for them to do the same.

      If you are also passionate about the mission and have experience and skill with fundraising and recruiting, this position offers an exceptional opportunity to invest yourself, grow your skillset, and make Tennessee a better place for all.


      This position is responsible for coordinating the processes relating to fundraising, volunteer recruiting, and membership growth. The department of development is tasked with procuring the resources to support all other For All functions including community engagement, legislative operations, and a digital presence. As department head, the Vice President will organize the department, staff it with volunteers in order to implement their development strategy and stay hands-on to ensure the team meets their departmental goals.


      • Create a Development strategy that incorporates financial, volunteer, and memberships goals
      • Build department organizational positions and staff them with volunteers
      • Execute effective delegation within the department to meet strategic goals
      • Plan and execute fundraising, recruiting, and membership expansion events
      • Coordinate with the VP of Operations to implement volunteers in other departments
      • Coordinate with affiliate organizations to host joint events and build relationships
      • Directly engage and maintain a relationship with high-priority sponsors and potential sponsors
      • Utilize volunteer staff to expand general organizational membership/donations.
      • Be available to attend off-hour organizational and community events to further development
      • Report Strategies, financial/personnel goals, and overall progress to the Board and the Executive Director


      This position is commission-based and performance-driven.

      How to apply:

      Send a resume with a cover letter to josh@foralltn.org.